Make Products Your Users Will Love

The best products & services are built upon a strong understanding of its users & customers. User research is the process for learning about users' wants and needs, distilling learnings into insights & patterns, and integrating findings into product design. We pride ourselves in helping you select a set of methods to best suit your needs.

Quick Examples

We interview users in context -- Organic farm tourism

User Research - Interviewing an Organic Farmer

We post-it findings in affinity diagrams to find patterns -- Wearables social impact

User Research - Affinity Diagram Example

We define user personas -- Home engery usage

User Research - Tendril User Personas

We map your users' journey -- Neighborhood youth impact

* EchoUser researcher in partnership with Adaptive Path

User Research - Neighborhood Youth Journey Map

We help usability test medical equipment -- MedStar, and 'bodies'

User Research - MedStar Medical Usability Testing

We usability test mobile devices -- Mobile shopping assistant

User Research - Mobile Usability Testing

And More

With research we can help you better understand your users through personas, contextual inquiry, focus groups, usability testing, competitive analysis, surveys, affinity diagramming, diary studies, and more.

Contact us today. EchoUser is the Any Experience user research, interaction & visual design firm, helping both big companies and any-sized teams chasing bold goals.